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The Qumran Cave Project educates the public about the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ancient Qumran Community. The archaeological remains of Qumran are minutes from the municipality and among the sites that residents promote to encourage tourism. Sites like this have an important role to play in the expansion of the community as prospective new residents evaluate the area.

This particular project involves residents of the town along with local archaeologists and geologists. A prominent university is among the participants.

In addition to furthering the goals of the community, we hope to find exciting new things that were hidden long ago. Are there caves yet to be found at Qumran, or scrolls yet to be unearthed? Just last year QCP was involved in the discovery of the first scroll fragments found in over 60 years. The most comprehensive remote sensing incorporating the latest technolog is being used to unearth more artifacts and work is ongoing.

We invite your participation in this historic project. Visit the official project page at: Qumran Cave Project

An excavation will be performed to test the theory that the opening at the third fracture line (shown in the picture below) is the exposed roof of a hidden cave


Qumran Cave Project