American Friends of Mitzpe Yeriho

Global anti-Semitism has reached unprecedented levels worldwide, and now surpasses anything we've seen in the last fifty years. The Internet and social media have provided the tools to propogate this hate and demonize Israel and the Jewish people. In 2013, Eliyahou Roth of Mitzpe Yeriho proposed a project to quell this rise in anti-Semitism and has successfully removed more than 50,600 pieces of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content from Social Media. With the support of the American Friends of Mitzpe Yeriho, the project "They Can't," and it's team of activists are able to mobilize in minutes to flag hateful content and get it removed from sites like YouTube and Facebook. Traditional watchdog groups and anti-defamation organizations are not equipped to handle this particular battleground. Visit the official page at "They Can't." Donations to the American Friends of Mitzpe Yeriho (AFMY) and it's Anti-Semitism Project are U.S. tax-deductible.


They Can't Anti-Semitism Project