American Friends of Mitzpe Yeriho

The "Siftei Mevaser" project has been providing educational material on Torah for over 14 years. It's strategic goal is to make true Torah available to people that are not usually exposed to it, "True Torah" meaning the wisdom and behavioral tools that enable people to achieve the most complete liberty and shalom (peace). In this stage, most of the project's work is managed online, with lectures, massive meetings and personal attention, mainly through the following spaces:

1. Our group "Comunidad de Torah,” with about 12,000 members (spanish speaking jews, noachides, descendants of sefarad's anousim willing to get back to the jewish people and torah) delivers every week many video and text studies so as live broadcasts, from a team of five rabbis.

2. Our page "Siftei Mevaser," the main page of the project, with many hundreds of hours of Torah video lectures and studies in spanish, uploaded and made available for all, being updated many times per month.

3. Our page "Los Cuentos de la Comunidad de Torah" is the home of our "story telling" strategy for getting Torah meanings closer to any backgound people come from. There we tell stories from Torah and Tanach, from the old sages, from modern times of hassidus and mussar, from other traditions that conflue with ours to bold real values, and we also share openly our own stories, metaphoras designed for current people of current time.

4. "Titulares de Torah para Hoy" is the home of a project that shares daily meditations based on maths applied to the Torah portion related to every single day in the year. Almost non-active on the surface right now, the work of three complete years is being compiled in two books, in hebrew and spanish, to be published soon.

5. Our group "רצוא ושוב: מאגיה גאולית במספרי קודש"  is where we make available for all our innovations and hebrew contents in general. Our page "הסיפורים של זיידע דניאל"  gives all the stories, for children and adults, that we tell in video, in parallel of what we make in spanish (as detailed in point 3).

6. Our YouTube Channel, Kol Yisrael TV, with about 6,000 subscribers and 1,600+ videos, is an other pathway to all the stuff we produce. Alike, we also manage Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr profiles and some public blogs, that mirror all our production, in order to make our reach of interested people as wide as possible.

Torah Outreach Project